A power amplifier is an electronic device that increases the amplitude or power of an electrical signal, typically an audio signal, to drive loudspeakers or other output devices.

In audio systems, a power amplifier is usually the final stage of amplification before the signal is sent to the speakers. It takes the low-level signal from a preamplifier or mixer and boosts it to a level that can drive speakers with sufficient volume and clarity.

Power amplifiers are rated in watts, which is a measure of the amount of power they can deliver to the speakers. The power output of an amplifier is determined by its maximum voltage and current ratings, and the impedance of the speakers it is driving.

There are various types of power amplifiers, including solid-state amplifiers that use transistors or integrated circuits, and tube amplifiers that use vacuum tubes. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of sound quality, reliability, and cost.


Ek power amplifier ek electronic device hai jo ek electrical signal, jaise ki audio signal ko amplitude ya power badhata hai, aam taur par loudspeakers ya dusre output devices ko chalane ke liye.

Audio systems mein, ek power amplifier aam taur par amplification ka antima stage hota hai, jahaan signal preamplifier ya mixer se liya jata hai aur use itna badhaya jata hai ki vah speakers ko sufficient volume aur clarity ke saath chalane ke liye kaafi ho.

Power amplifiers ko watts mein rate kiya jaata hai, jo unki speakers ko deliver karne ki shakti ki quantity ko measure karta hai. Amplifier ki power output uske maximum voltage aur current ratings aur driving speakers ki impedance se tay hoti hai.

Power amplifiers ke kai prakar hote hain, jinme transistor ya integrated circuits ka upayog karne vaale solid-state amplifiers aur vacuum tubes ka upayog karne vaale tube amplifiers shamil hote hain. Har prakar ki amplifiers ki apni apni quality, reliability aur cost ke hisaab se apne fayde aur nuksaan hote hain.

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