A passive crossover is an electrical circuit that divides an audio signal into separate frequency bands before sending it to individual drivers (such as woofers, tweeters, and mid-range speakers) in a multi-way loudspeaker system.

The passive crossover consists of capacitors, inductors, and resistors that are combined in specific ways to create filters that attenuate (reduce) certain frequency ranges while allowing others to pass through. The passive crossover operates without the need for external power and is usually located within the loudspeaker enclosure itself.

Passive crossovers are commonly used in home and professional audio systems to achieve better sound quality by allowing each driver to operate within its optimal frequency range. By using a passive crossover, a loudspeaker system can provide more accurate and balanced sound reproduction with less distortion, resulting in a more enjoyable listening experience.


Passive crossover ek electrical circuit hai jo ek audio signal ko alag-alag frequency bands mein bantta hai, phir use individual drivers (jaise ki woofers, tweeters, aur mid-range speakers) ko bhejta hai multi-way loudspeaker system mein.

Passive crossover mein capacitors, inductors, aur resistors hote hain jo specific tarike se combine kiye jaate hain filters ko create karne ke liye, jisse ki certain frequency ranges ko attenuate (reduce) kiya jaata hai jabki dusre frequencies ko pass through kiya jaata hai. Passive crossover bina external power ke operate karta hai aur aam taur par loudspeaker enclosure ke andar hi hota hai.

Passive crossovers ko home aur professional audio systems mein aam taur par better sound quality achieve karne ke liye use kiya jaata hai, jisse ki har driver apne optimal frequency range ke andar operate kar sake. Passive crossover ka use karke, loudspeaker system zyada accurate aur balanced sound reproduction provide kar sakta hai kam distortion ke saath, jisse ki listening experience aur enjoyable ho.

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