An equalizer (EQ) is an audio processing tool used to adjust the frequency response of an audio signal. It allows you to selectively boost or cut specific frequency ranges in the audio spectrum, typically ranging from low bass frequencies (20 Hz) to high treble frequencies (20 kHz).

An EQ is commonly used in music production, DJing, live sound reinforcement, and home audio systems. By using an EQ, you can modify the tonal balance of the audio signal, making it sound brighter, warmer, or more balanced depending on your preferences.

There are various types of EQs, including graphic EQs, parametric EQs, and shelving EQs. Each type has its own unique features and applications, but all of them allow you to shape the sound of an audio signal by adjusting its frequency content.


Equalizer ek audio processing tool hai jo audio signal ke frequency response ko adjust karne ke liye use kiya jata hai. Isme aap kisi bhi specific frequency range ko boost ya cut kar sakte hai jaise low bass frequencies (20 Hz) se lekar high treble frequencies (20 kHz) tak.

EQ aam taur par music production, DJing, live sound reinforcement aur home audio systems me istemaal hota hai. EQ ka upyog karke aap audio signal ke tonal balance ko modify kar sakte hai, jiske dwara aap usse brighter, warmer ya fir balanced sound me badal sakte hai apne anusar.

EQ ke vibhinn prakar hai jaise graphic EQs, parametric EQs, aur shelving EQs. Har ek prakar ke EQ ke apne unique features aur applications hai, lekin sabhi aapko audio signal ke frequency content ko adjust karke uske sound ko shape karne ki anumati deta hai.

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