Compressor, limiter, and gate are all types of signal processing devices commonly used in audio production and live sound reinforcement to shape the dynamic range of a sound signal.

A compressor is a dynamic range processor that reduces the difference between the loudest and softest parts of an audio signal. It works by automatically reducing the level of the loudest parts of the signal, while leaving the quieter parts unchanged. This can help to even out the overall level of a track or performance and make it sound more consistent.

A limiter is a type of compressor that is designed to prevent the audio signal from exceeding a certain level, known as the “threshold.” Once the signal hits this threshold, the limiter kicks in and limits the level to prevent any further increase in volume. This can be useful for preventing distortion or clipping in a recording or live performance.

A gate is a dynamic range processor that operates in the opposite way to a compressor. Instead of reducing the level of loud parts of the signal, a gate reduces or eliminates the level of quiet parts of the signal. It works by opening up the audio signal when it exceeds a certain level (known as the “threshold”) and closing it again when it drops below that level. This can be useful for removing unwanted noise or background sounds from a recording or live performance.


Compressor, limiter, aur gate sabhi audio production aur live sound reinforcement mein istemal hone wale signal processing devices hai, jinse sound signal ke dynamic range ko shape kiya jata hai.

Compressor ek dynamic range processor hai, jo audio signal ke sabse tez aur sabse kam volume ke parts ke beech ka farak kam kar deta hai. Ye apne aap tez parts ke level ko kam kar deta hai, jabki dheeme parts ko as it is chhod deta hai. Isse overall track ya performance ka level consistent banane mein madad milti hai.

Limiter compressor ka ek tarika hai, jo audio signal ko ek certain level, ya “threshold,” se upar na jane deta hai. Jab signal threshold ko cross karta hai, tab limiter kaam karna shuru karta hai aur level ko limit kar deta hai, taaki volume aur badhane se distortion ya clipping na ho. Ye recording ya live performance mein upyogi hota hai.

Gate compressor ke opposite way mein kaam karta hai. Ye signal ke dheeme parts ka level kam ya mita deta hai. Ye audio signal ko ek certain level, ya “threshold,” se upar jaane par kholti hai aur jab level niche jaata hai, tab dubara se band kar deti hai. Ye recording ya live performance mein unwanted noise ya background sounds ko hatane ke liye upyogi hota hai.

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