Audio refers to the transmission, recording, or reproduction of sound waves that can be heard by the human ear. Sound waves are produced by vibrating objects, and these waves travel through a medium such as air or water to the listener’s ear. Audio technology includes devices such as microphones, speakers, amplifiers, and digital audio software that capture, process, and reproduce sound. Audio is used in various applications, including music production, broadcasting, telecommunications, entertainment, education, and scientific research.


Audio ka matlab hai ki hum kisi bhi dhvani ya shabd ko sun sakte hai. Jab koi cheez titar-bitar ho kar awaaz utpann karti hai, toh uski dhvani hawa ya pani jaise madhyam dwara hamare kaano tak pahunchti hai. Audio technology mein microphone, speaker, amplifier aur digital audio software jaise devices ka upyog kiya jata hai jisse dhvani ko capture kiya, process kiya aur reproduce kiya ja sakta hai. Audio ka upyog music production, broadcasting, telecommunications, entertainment, education aur scientific research jaise alag-alag kshetron mein kiya jata hai.