An active crossover is an electronic device that divides an audio signal into two or more frequency bands, and then routes each band to a separate power amplifier that drives a specific speaker driver or set of drivers in a loudspeaker system.

Unlike a passive crossover, which uses passive components like resistors, capacitors, and inductors to divide the audio signal, an active crossover uses electronic circuits and filters that require a power source, typically a DC voltage.

Active crossovers offer several advantages over passive crossovers, including more precise control over the frequency response of each driver, greater flexibility in designing and tuning a loudspeaker system, and the ability to compensate for variations in driver sensitivity and impedance.

They also eliminate the power losses and distortion that can occur in passive crossovers, resulting in a cleaner, more transparent sound. However, active crossovers are typically more complex and expensive than passive crossovers, and they require additional power amplifiers for each driver in the system.


Active crossover ek electronic device hai jo ek audio signal ko do ya adhik frequency bands mein divide karta hai, aur phir har band ko ek alag power amplifier mein route karta hai jo ek specific speaker driver ya set of drivers ko chalata hai ek loudspeaker system mein.

Passive crossover se alag, jo resistors, capacitors, aur inductors jaise passive components ka upayog karta hai audio signal ko divide karne ke liye, active crossover electronic circuits aur filters ka upayog karta hai jise power source, aam taur par DC voltage ki jarurat hoti hai.

Active crossover passive crossover ke mukable kuch fayde pradan karta hai, jaise ki har driver ke frequency response par adhik se adhik control, loudspeaker system ke designing aur tuning ke liye adhik flexibility, aur driver sensitivity aur impedance mein hone vaali variations ko compensate karne ki kshamata.

Ve bhi power losses aur distortion ko eliminate karte hai jo passive crossovers mein ho sakte hai, aur is tarah se ek saaf, transparent sound pradan karte hai. Halaanki, active crossovers aam taur par passive crossovers se adhik complex aur mehenge hote hai, aur ek system ke har driver ke liye additional power amplifiers ki jarurat hoti hai.

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