A digital signal processor (DSP) is a specialized microprocessor designed for high-speed processing of digital signals, such as audio, video, and other data streams. Unlike a general-purpose microprocessor, a DSP is optimized for performing mathematical operations, such as filtering, Fourier analysis, and other signal processing tasks, in real-time. DSPs are used in a wide range of applications, including telecommunications, audio and video processing, digital image processing, and control systems. They are typically programmed using specialized software tools and languages, such as C or assembly language, and can be integrated into custom hardware systems or embedded in consumer electronics devices.


Digital Signal Processor ya DSP ek aisa microprocessor hai jo digital signals jaise audio, video aur anya data streams ka high-speed processing karne ke liye design kiya gaya hai. Ek general-purpose microprocessor ke opposite, DSP math operations jaise filtering, Fourier analysis aur anya signal processing tasks ko real-time me perform karne ke liye optimized hota hai. DSPs ko telecommunications, audio aur video processing, digital image processing aur control systems jaise kai prakar ke applications me use kiya jata hai. Ye typically specialized software tools aur languages jaise C ya assembly language ka use karke program kiye jate hai aur custom hardware systems me integrate kiya ja sakta hai ya consumer electronics devices me embedded kiya ja sakta hai.

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